Atlas.gitThe next-gen master server for Northstar. 3 months
FlightCore.gitInstaller/Updater/Launcher for Northstar 9 hours
NorthstarLauncher.gitLauncher used to modify Titanfall 2 to allow mods to be loaded 3 weeks
NorthstarMods.gitSquirrel scripts used to recreate server-side gamelogic and add custom content t...10 days
NorthstarWiki.gitWiki covering installation, hosting and configuration of Northstar 2 months
3ds-splash.gitC utility to convert 3ds splash screen binaries to more common file formats 3 months
GeckoPi-PCB.gitPCB Design for the GeckoPi Project 3 months
OFQT.gitOpen Fortress installer and launcher 3 months
ShellyPy.gitPython library to interact with Shelly devices 3 months
SouthRPC.gitNorthstar Plugin for JSON-RPC over HTTP 3 months
berryclient.gitPython framework to interface with minecraft over the MCPI api 3 months
cgci.gita simple CGI based CI 3 months
esp-wroom-32_breakout.gitbreakout pcb design for the ESP32-WROOM-32 2 months
inject_so.gitsmall project to test so injection 3 months
kernel-fsync.gitcustom fedora kernel build 2 weeks
lab-bot.gita modular gitlab bot oriented towards automation 8 weeks
libshim.gitbasic linux library shim 3 months
micropython-docs.gitsome micropython internal documentation 3 months
polecat.gitsimple wine version manager 3 months
sameboy-thumbnailer.gitGameBoy thumbnail generator 3 months
southbrowser.gitNorthstar Server browser using SouthRPC 3 months
unixreg.gitpython winreg compatibility library 3 months